About BRTC
Blue Power that Changes Your Skin


BRTC has developed, certified & patented Blue Phyto Complex from the Blue Flowers of Lavender, Cornflower, Borage, Chamomile (the building blocks of all BRTC products) to soothe and moisturize today's modern skin.
BRTC is a science based cosmetic brand applied to sensitive skin in a
safe and efficient manner.


Regeneration of Damaged skin, soothing, anti-oxidization


Superior soothing power by moisturizing and softening ingredient


Stabilizinag body and spirit. Activating of metabolism. Moisturizing, soothing


Gives vitality, Purifies skin, Anti-bacterial, soothing
Powers of Blue Flowers
go back to Ancient Times

Superior Soothing Action controls Sensitive Skin

Ancient Romans used lavender's superior detox effects by adding it into bath water, cleansing their wounds. The actual origin of the word 'lavender', Latin "Lavare' means cleansing.
BRTC combines lavender and other Blue flowers for its powerful holistic skincare properties. Lavender helps accelerate new cell growth and balances sebum secretion. It also has superior anti-oxidation properties and trouble and dry skin control.
Patent No. 005027 Herb cosmetic complex for skin moisturizing and soothing

Special PROTECTION POWER confronts Skin damage.

As hormones perform core physiological functions to protect the body from environmental stress and regulate the human body, the plant ingredients extracted from the Blue Phyto Complex perform similar functions. This patented complex protects the skin from UV rays, wind, and other environmental stress exhibiting superior protecting power from environmental damage.
All products tested for Irritation by reputable 3rd party firm.
Safety, efficacy, and heavy metals tested.
More than 9 patents owned globally to solve skin problems such as acne reduction, dry skin, wrinkle, pore tightening and more.
Not Animal Tested.
K-FDA Approved, FDA Compliant Labs.
Dermatologist Approved and Certified Botanical Ingredients.
BRTC intends to the natural formula which is safe and no stimulation