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Jasmine Water Cream BB 30ml

Smooth Moisturizing Cover for Senstive Skin
UV Protection + Whitening + Wrinkle Repair + Moisturizing + Soothing
Blue Complex (patent 2008-100090582) licensed ingredient for Moisturizing Sensitive Skin
User's Comment by Lee
Its color is not bright, nor dark. The color is grey in the tube but when I applied it to my face, my skin tone was Changed and it closely matched my skin but made it look more brighter. Other BB creams contains plenty of oily ingredients and sometimes it causes trouble and breakouts. But i felt more moisture than oil and as a result felt more damp and dewy. It felt like it stayed on pretty well without feeling sticky.
User's Comment by Yoo
As I spread it smoothly on my skin, the feeling was rather light. I felt more moisture. Because my skin is somewhat dry, I really like this product. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as green tea water, white birch's sap etc.
User's Comment by Kim
I can see the ashensiveness is superior. It looked natural because it adhered to my skin closely as if it is my own skin. I was satisfied not only because of superior covering but also strong adhensivness. And when I use it, its subtle fragrance makes me really really happy.




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